Tiny garden … big impact

The client stated “I have found employing Andrew Cox to be a positive experience.  He listened carefully to my wish list and provided me with many, varied ideas of how to approach my small garden. I am very happy with the resulting plan.  He has also helped me find contractors to do the hard landscaping.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Pennant stone from the forest of dean features prominently in the hard landscape design. The garden faces south-east. Suitable planting for the various aspects (including north-east facing fenceline) has been provided.

I had to do some research to get a competitive hard landscape quote for this job. Some of the contractors were coming in at upwards of £500 per m2 of 38mm thick paving and that excludes the price of the stone itself! Fortunately I have a good network of professionals in the local area and was able to identify a recommended contractor who is carrying out the works.

Terraced City Garden

The client wanted to transform an awkward inaccessible back garden into a luxurious modern space suitable for outdoor dining and with minimal maintenance requirements.

HP facilitated this by listening hard, challenging beliefs about what was possible within their budget, and inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone.

You will get the same great service and the same amazing results – guaranteed.

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Rendered retaining walls, natural stone paving, contemporary boundary treatments and geometric forms provide harmony and rhythm to the view from the first floor of the house

A similar angle of view before construction

TRADE SECRET: Get the hard landscaping done in late winter or early spring so you can enjoy your garden in the summer months

We created a 3D model of the existing garden – note how little room there is on the lowest terrace
The final design divided the garden into three equal terraces with plenty of spill out space from the kitchen making the garden much more user friendly
This was a discounted option using timber retaining walls
All year round interest due to a good balance between hard and soft landscape elements

Retirement Garden

We successfully designed front and back gardens for a client who had recently moved to a new build property.

The brief was to:

  • bed the house into the landscape – site is on the edge of the town
  • remodel all external areas
  • provide screening and appropriate coverage of brickwork
  • provide a productive space for vegetable growing
  • mitigate the appearance of cars adjacent to the house,
  • improve the streetscene

Block paving was removed to make deeper borders at the front of the house
Climbing plants have begun to establish in the back garden, softening the hard appearance of the brick walls
Evergreen screening of garage wall
The garden was extended and the additional 10 feet made a huge difference

Planting Plans

The client already had a well balanced garden concept and they came to HP for advice on plants and planting. They wanted all year round interest and scented plants near the thresholds. They needed a detailed planting plan because they wanted to purchase the plants in their own time and implement them gradually over a two year period.

The images below illustrate the completed planting design in all its glory.

Water Feature Design

The client wanted to capture water from a field ditch and convey it into an existing lake. The solution used a Butyl liner and natural stone for the waterfalls.

Water feature design in rural location.