The client stated “I have found employing Andrew Cox to be a positive experience.  He listened carefully to my wish list and provided me with many, varied ideas of how to approach my small garden. I am very happy with the resulting plan.  He has also helped me find contractors to do the hard landscaping.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Pennant stone from the forest of dean features prominently in the hard landscape design. The garden faces south-east. Suitable planting for the various aspects (including north-east facing fenceline) has been provided.

I had to do some research to get a competitive hard landscape quote for this job. Some of the contractors were coming in at upwards of £500 per m2 of 38mm thick paving and that excludes the price of the stone itself! Fortunately I have a good network of professionals in the local area and was able to identify a recommended contractor who is carrying out the works.