Complete garden overhaul? Eco-friendly planting design? Sustainably sourced paving materials? My clients always get what they want … and more.

I am a professional landscape designer and planner and I can help you design and execute the garden you want. I bring joy to my clients because I have the skills and experience to transform any space within a given budget and timescale.

Money back guarantee!

I’m the only garden designer who offers a money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, then you get your money back so you can proceed with no financial risk.

Why Andrew Cox?

My clients trust me to provide expert guidance and knowledge along every step of their garden transformation journey.

Why? … Because I have twenty years international experience; I’m qualified in landscape architecture, landscape design, horticulture, arboriculture and landscape construction; and I’m a pleasant person to work with.

My background

Landscapewise I started early: picking soft fruit and building water features in Newent, Gloucestershire while my mum and dad converted a small farm into their own version of paradise. In my twenties and thirties I built and tended gardens in North London and Brittany with AborVitae landscape gardeners and studied part time at Capel Manor and the Edinburgh College of Art. I qualified as a landscape architect in 2009 and became chartered in 2015.

Garden Visits

To keep myself up to date and inspired I visit gardens regularly and one of the first pieces of advice I give to clients is where to go for local inspiration. I tell them what to look out for that might be suitable for their garden.

Interested in finding out more?

Make your dream garden a reality – call or email now and arrange a garden design consultation with Andrew.

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